Payment of Rent

Rent may be paid by cash, check, money order, or credit card.

Credit cards accepted include Visa, MasterCard, and Discover.  Credit card payments will only be accepted at our rental office in person.

Please make checks payable to:

GN Associates

Please address rental payments to:

GN Associates
Attn: Bookkeeping
119 S Burrowes Street
State College, PA 16801

GN Associates office hours are Monday through Friday, 8:30AM to 5:00PM.  For your convenience, you may also utilize our mail drop box located to the left of the office entry door for payment of rent during non-business hours.


GN Associates strives to make the process of moving to college as simple and worry free for our tenants as possible.

All of GN Associates' rental properties are fully furnished. Each unit includes:

 Living Room:

  • Sofa/Love Seat or Sectional Sofa

  • Coffee Table

  • 2 End Tables

  • 2 Brass Lamps

  • Entertainment Center

  • Dinning Table or Breakfast Bar/Island


  • Full Size Refrigerator

  • Dishwasher

  • Garbage Disposal

  • Oven/Range Top

  • Microwave


  • Twin Bed (1 per tenant)

  • Dresser (1 per tenant)

  • Desk (1 per bedroom)

  • 1 Night Stand

  • 1 Brass Lamp

GN Associates does not provide any cooking utensils (ie. silverware, pots & pans), or cleaning supplies (vacuum, toilet paper, paper towels, trash cans, etc.) in the apartments.

The shower/bathtubs are equipped with sliding glass doors. Shower curtains are not needed, but can be used for additional privacy and decor.


Here are a few points we'd like to stress regarding our sublet policy:


It is a violation of your lease to allow anyone to live in your apartment without doing the appropriate paperwork in the office. We must have certain information on everyone living in our buildings on file for security reasons. We will need to copy their photo ID for your file, and there is a $10.00 fee to process the paperwork. If we find out that someone is an illegal subletter in your apartment, GN Management has the right to change your apartment lock to protect the property against trespassers, and the original tenants may be subject to a fine of up to $100.00.

 The Original Tenant is Ultimately Still Responsible for the Rent

Subletting is not a lease transfer. Your subletter is welcome to make rent payments directly to us. However, if your rent isn't paid by the fifth of the month as usual, you will be held responsible for the payment and any late fees—-whether you have a subletter or not. It is not our policy to legally pursue subletters for financial restitution. For this reason, we encourage you to work out payment arrangements on your own and have an agreement notarized (the Hub notarizes documents for students for free). This will provide you with grounds to file a complaint with the Magistrate against a subletter who defaults on your agreement.


The Original Tenants are Still Responsible for any Damages

All original tenants of an apartment are held accountable for any damages incurred during their lease term. We do not have security deposits from subletters, and therefore we cannot hold them responsible for damages.


The Original Tenants is responsible for Keys

All original tenants are given one set of keys. The original tenant is responsible for making sure the subletter gets their set of keys to use for the duration of the sublet, as well as making sure the sublet returns the keys to them.  GN Associates does not hold keys in the office for the sublet to pick up or return.  Summer sublets must return the keys to the office by the last day of the lease term in order to ensure the original tenant does not obtain a key charge.


Remember—subletting is done AT YOUR OWN RISK.  If you are planning a sublet, or if you have any more questions about our policies, please feel free to call or stop by the office.



  1.  No vehicle shall block entry or exit from buildings, fire lanes, other parking spaces or dumpsters.

  2.  No vehicle shall use two parking spaces or park in the RESERVED PARKING spaces.  No vehicle shall park over the parking lines.

  3. Vehicle User must always display the parking sticker on the passenger side of the rear window.

  4. There is HEAD-IN PARKING only.

  5. If assigned to the Graduate lot, there is no parking in the "store only"  space.  If assigned to the East Side lot, parking in the first five double spaces is by numbered permit (permit numbers 001-005) only.  GN Associates is not responsible for any vehicle towed from these spaces.

  6. There is no guarantee that an empty space will always be available for each permit holder, since persons sometimes park unauthorized vehicles or use two spaces for one car. GN Associates takes regular action to reduce habitual offenders and maximize space availability.

  7. GN Associates is not responsible for damage to a vehicle while parked in the lot. Vehicle user should report any vandalism to the police and the vehicle's insurance carrier.

  8. If there is a permanent change of vehicle, Vehicle User shall return the original sticker and complete a registration form for the substitute vehicle. There is no charge for one change of vehicle registration and issuance of new sticker upon the return of old sticker.  If the old sticker is not returned there is a $5.00 charge.  If there is a temporary change of vehicle, Vehicle user must come to the office to get a temporary parking permit.

  9. The right to park applies only to the lot for which the sticker is issued. If parked in any other lots, the vehicle will be deemed unregistered and will be subject to ticketing and towing at the Vehicle User's expense.

  10. Before subletting a parking space to another GN Associates’ tenant, the vehicle user will bring the person to the office (along with old sticker) to register a new vehicle. The parking lease remains in the Vehicle User's name and the Vehicle User is primarily responsible for the monthly rental payment.

  11. There is NO GUEST PARKING available at any time for any reason and ticketing/towing is strictly enforced. The vehicle user will advise family and all guests accordingly.


Below is a list of Internet Providers in the State College Area.
Note: East Side internet service is included in the rent.

Comcast (for The Graduate only)

1050 Benner Pike
State College PA 16801

Get Wireless

220 Regents Ct Ste B
State College PA 16801

Windstream (not available in The Graduate)

441 Science Park Road
State College PA 16803




GN Associates provides extended basic cable to every apartment in the State College Area. Tenants are responsible for contacting the cable providers to upgrade any services. Tenants will pay the cable providers the difference.

Comcast (only available at The Graduate)




Mail and Packages

GN Associates does not accept packages of any kind on behalf of our tenants!

All of GN Associates' buildings have a mail box located in the lobby in order for our tenants to easily pick up their regular mail.

If any large packages are being delivered to the tenants via regular postal mail, we highly recommend sign for delivery only or to make arrangements to pick up their package at the Post Office.

If packages are being delivered from FedEx or UPS, tenants will need to make sure they are either present at the time of delivery (sign for delivery is highly recommended) , or make arrangements to pick up their packages from the carrier directly.

Fraser Street Post Office

237 S. Fraser Street
State College, PA 16801


FedEx Office

2175 Fox Hill Rd
State College, PA 16801

UPS Store

19 Colonnade Way
State College, PA 16801

The UPS Store

210 W Hamilton Ave
State College, PA